Cartagena City

Cartagena City is over 3,000 years old and is steeped in history. It is the main seaport of the Murcia Region and as you would expect is a very monumental city with numerous archaeological sites and historic buildings. Over recent years, Cartagena has been turned into a major tourist destination and is now a stop-over for cruise ships.

Like Murcia there are many restaurants to sample the local cuisine and atmosphere. The best way to see the city is the open top bus which offers a guided tour. There is also a tourist boat, which takes you out around the port gives a historical commentary as you go. 

For nature lovers, the Regional Nature part of Calablanque is close to the city. This consists of 13kms of unspoilt, protected area and has many deserted beaches, cliffs, dunes, salt flats and hidden coves. 


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